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Justin Martin

I just load everything in the bed… Fill in the gaps.

I only have a 7 gallon air tank that I tote around… at 125psi it holds plenty of air for a race day.

AS a far as toolbox etc, it just fills in the gaps. I dont take a big roller, just a simple box that is about 3 ft wide, 2 ft tall and about 1.25′ deep. The box holds pretty much EVERYTHING I need, including miscellaneous tools that I don’t even use at the track.. (piston stop, starter gear stop, various bearing pullers, etc…) There are a few things I lack from the guys with the HUGE boxes, but in reality for 99% of race weekends you don’t use much more than your normal screw drivers, wrenches, allen wrenches, sockets, tape, Infrared thermometer etc… I carry two 5 gallon fuel cans, as well as a bucket that I carry all my sprays with. This bucket contains chain lube, wd-40, 2-stroke oil, gear case oil, ratio rite, two rolls of the tough blue paper towels, and a handfulof shop rags just in case.

Currently my gear is in the cab on the far left side. simpy just shoes, ribvest, neck brace, helmet, suit, and underwear (that under-armor rash guard stuff). I can still take myself as well as 3 more family or friends in the cab, comfortably, with all my kart gear etc…

Someday I might build a shelf to house the rest of it clutter-free, however at the time being I really don’t see any reason to.

I mean, other than horrible mileage, I never had a problem in my Yukon, and now I have even MORE space!! haha