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Justin Martin

I will load a picture when I get a chance later today. I have been transporting my kart in a’95 GMC yukon, seats folded down. The kart can stay together, all but the front bumper. I made a custom self lifting kart stand that went into the receiver, however it isn’t necessary as a normal folding stand will fit, if you are strategic about it.


However, I recently bought a 2012 F150, Supercab (extended cab. Rear seats, but only the half, or suicide doors), and a 6.5 foot bed. Kart fits great along with all my other crap. It has the 5.0L V8 Flexfuel and I get a combined 19mpg, if I drive smart I can easily bust 23, and occasioally (perfect conditions, 11 mile drive to work on a 55 mile road) I can consistently get 25-27mpg!… Tows great, 377 horse with K&N cold air intake. I can fit my kart, all equipment, a 14×14 pop-up, and still have room.