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Andrew Pachon


Thanks for the photo. So I am waiting for the 2014 Toyota Tundra Double Cab Long Beds to hit the dealerships as this will be my daily driver/kart hauler.

I have 8ft of bed to plan loading and unloading. So I got to thinking and what features I would want for my elevated bed platform like your photo.

1. I will need the platform to be able to be removed without having to remove Camper Shell

2. Able to support Kart and all related gear. I may be over thinking this but I am shooting for 500lbs.

3. I would like accessible under storage with doors that stay open with some sort of gas shock

4. I’d like to have some wheel chocks for my shifter as well as tie down locations (2 front, 2 mid and 2 aft)

5. Carpeted.


What ideas do you have? What would you add or remove from my list? What changes would you make to any of my items?