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David Pergande

I have been racing out of truck since I started.  I used to have a Chev 2500, but now have a Chev Silverado 1500 w/ crew cab.  I have to take the front and back bumper off, but not a big deal and takes me about 5 minutes to put them on and off.  I still have plenty of room for tires, gas can or 2, chairs, etc.  I can still fit my ez-up on the side over the wheel well to.  With the Chevy (not sure of other models), but he back seats now pull up that give a lot more space in the crew cab that allows easier time to keep things locked up over night.  Also, if nervous about overnight, I usually strap it down by going through the frame a couple of times just to make it hard to steal it if someone is trying.  Also, buy a kart cover…you can put it over it for rain and while traveling.  I usually just put bungie cords over the cover on the kart and it stays on just find without getting wind beaten.   Best of Luck! David