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Donnie Leonard

I agree that a longer bed will give you more space but its a horse a piece.  I can also fit everything I need plus extras and still comfotablly drive my self and three other people with me to the event.  I have the standard bed with my kart sitting on ramps/benches as you can see in the picture i posted above.  I can fit tires, tool box, fuel, 10×20 pop up cannopy chairs, grill, cooler, kart stand, and whatever else i can throw in there.  plus the benches my kart sits on also doubles and bench in and out of my truck for extra seating.  then inside i have al my safety gear under the rear seat with a few other odds and ends.  I also have enough room for myself and 3 other passengers that may tag along with me.  I am not saying this is a best way to transport your kart equpiment and people to an event but just to show you it can be done and you can stll be comfortable doing so.