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Valentin Yakimenko

Thanx. I have too many photos to be copying links though. Here is link to the bucket album. I just primered and painted it. Works great. Have onlu 53$ in expanded metal the rest was bed frames and scram I have accumulated and had it laying around. Red square tubing it really thin so I had to braze the corners. But it being large size tubing it hold up weight pretty good. The rail slides oh harbor freight wheels. Which are really cheap. Im no fabricator. But I bought harbor freight mig welder with flux wire 0.35″ when I built the winchlift kart stand so I had plenty of practice for this project… anyways. Maybe in couple of days when I’ll get time to take pics of finished project ill update you. Or check my album.

http://s784.photobucket.com/albums/yy129/Valentin_Yakimenko haven’t checked the link lets hope it works fo ya.