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Brian Degulis

Brian have you talked to ARP about it?  I know years ago they where requiring ICC silencers on moto shifters but aperantly they aren’t requiring that anymore. Moto shifters run there every day with the standard silencers you see on all of them. I think the scheduling would be more of an obstacle than the noise? I’m there all the time and can ask about it if you like?


No matter which tracks get used the more people I talk to the more I think we might have a lot more participation then we could imagine. It just seams like so many people are looking for a more relaxed racing format.


I’m planning on Ocala. If there is open karting the day before I might try to get some practice in. I’ll be taking the bus and depending on how many of my family is going I might have room for one more kart. So if anyone in the Tampa area has a transport issue I might be able to help.