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Brian Wilson

I understand your point, but let’s look at it from the other side. This class is designed to get people to the track that normally wouldn’t go. There are alot of shifters in N Florida that need some love as well.  If your in the central Florida area, it’s a toss up between the distance to Homestead and Jacksonville. My thought is there will be people that will go to Jacksonville and Ocala and not PBIR or Homestead due to the distance….some like myself will go to them all. There will be people that will go to PBIR and Homestead and not Ocala or Jacksonville due to the distance. Hopefully this will allow the numbers to be consistent across the tracks and give everyone a chance to come out and have fun.

Orlando is not off the table, just on the shelf temporarily, and that could change. Jacksonville is extremely easy to work and besides, if yo have never been, it’s a REALLY fun track.

Unfortunately, and I say unfortunately because it’s the closest track to my house, Anderson is off the table. Due to their zoning and noise requirements, it’s not feasible. I don’t know how long you have been in karting, but  a few years ago, Anderson said moto style shifters couldn’t run at all, only ICC’s due to the noise. A couple people got together with Anderson and they agreed if the moto style shifters could be quieted down to meet noise restrictions, they would be allowed to run. It kind of defeats the purpose of the class if you tell people they have to purchase a new exhaust system to participate and therefore I think the numbers just wouldn’t be there. The track will work with us if the guys who are already legal to run there want to have an unofficial, organized session….and I’m all for it.