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Brian Wilson

Marc-Andre, I stepped up and took the lead on organizing this class. I have talked to the tracks and they are all for it and encourage it and said they would do whatever to accommodate it as they get to keep 100% of the proceeds. This class is not meant to take any racers/participation away from their existing classes, they see it as I do, as a way to have more people participate that normally wouldn’t. In a sense, add to the numbers and not fragment what they already have. There will be no splitting the class into two groups, unless the numbers get so outrageous that it’s dangerous or unmanageable to run as one group.

If you want to race in a spec class or are already participating in a spec class, that is great, keep participating in it. But I think alot of people out there underestimate the number of karts that do track days, but don’t support the races because they either don’t want to deal with the money/time issue of the spec class or want a more laid back “fun” atmosphere to participate. If you want to call this class an organized, timed track day rather than a race, I’m fine with that. There are alot of people out there, myself included, that have karts with “non spec moto” engines, mod moto, ICC, Bilands, Vampires, Aixros & DD2’s that would participate, but don’t have a class that will accept them. There are also alot of fathers who have given up their competitive racing because they are now sinking their money/time into providing their children with top notch equipment and would participate in a fun class like this. As I said, this class is not meant to fragment or take away from existing classes, but a means to bring people out and have fun that otherwise would not be doing it.  I think you underestimate the number of track day/casual racer karting enthusiast out there.

I envision this being the type of class where the participants park near each other, help each other out with what they can, make new friends, reconnect with old friends, hang out and talk after the races about what fun they had while grilling together and at the end of the day, tell the others they look forward to seeing them at the next race and figuring out who will bring the grill, burgers, side dishes, etc for the next weekend of fun.