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Bob Baldwin

Brian : If ever the term applied it would be the old adage K.I.S.S. I am sure you all know what that means . again I would refer you guys to the North East Shifter Kart Series which basicly started along the same lines of what was proposed . It took them 2 years to build up the numbers and align with different tracks but NOW alot of guys that were originally against it are running with them . Just stay at it .

I am almost embarassed to say and it Probably Won’t qualify for your group But I have decided to move forward with a purchase of a one race old Praga DD2 shifter kart . WHY ? Because I like NEW . with my limited mechanical Skills I DON’t WANT to get involved changing Pistons , Rings every other event , BUT I DO enjoy the SPEED FACTOR and could care LESS if I finished DEAD LAST . To me it is ALL about the FUN . OH did I mention The cost of the New Chassis with a NEW GONE over by the ROTAX Factory Mechanics complete unit $4500 is Hard to beat Price wise .