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Brian Wilson

Ok, let me rephrase it….any one that backs this class and has input as to rules, etc. Please offer your input so we can shape things that are agreeable to all.  If you think the class is a bad idea or won’t participate, that’s fine….but please stay out of the discussion. Only input from those that will or plan to participate (or participated in this type class outside this region) that will contribute is welcome.

If you plan on participating, even if it is only one event, please respond with your intent so we can get an idea on numbers. Not saying you will be held to it, just trying to judge interest.

250 two strokes and 450 four strokes are out, sorry, but no track is really welcoming them.

With the exception of OGP, 250 four strokes have been welcomed, but don’t know if anyone other than Brian Degulis has one…so it may not be an issue anyways.