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Brian Degulis

@briandegulis – (just playing devils advocate here) Why do you keep engines/karts that, admittedly, NO local track supports?


That’s a fair question and one I’ve been asked a lot. The answer is simple. I’ve been in manufacturing my entire life I own a company that builds tow boats. pushboats-barges.com a shamless plug I know. I’ve spent my life trying to build a better mouse trap because I know that what’s popular and the norm isn’t always the best. I like coming in with a CRF or an Aixro and being asked “just what the heck was that”? I like letting the local hot shot try out some of my creations it’s a good opourtunity to see what they can really do and it’s fun to see them pull in get out look at me and say “that’s Fxxxking insane” (CRF450) More so I like putting something together tweeking it fine tuning it learning it and seeing whats possible.


But thats just me. I meet and run with lots of middle age guys in Honda’s DD2’s Yamaha’s Kawaski’s etc. They don’t participate in organized racing for all the reasons Brian Wilson stated. They don’t want to be teched to death they don’t want to be told what tires fuel etc. They don’t give a fat rats ass about recoginition or points or trophies or jackets. They’re working lives are to structured now they don’t need more stinking rules and they don’t much care for hanging around with egos. They just want to mix it up a little and have some fun.


Brian your reading my mind and I suspect a lot of others. If I can help in any way just let me know.