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Brian Wilson

Ace, there are alot of people like myself who are not the type of person that fit the mold your thinking of. If you have ever noticed, there are always 3-4 times as many similar karts at a track day than there are at races. Why do you think that is? Could it be that someone wanted a shifter and picked up a yz 125 that is just as competitive as a stock Honda for 1/2-1/3 of the price and they would race it if they could? Could it be that someone like myself or Brian Degulis likes the speed/power of a shifter but doesn’t want all the maintenance of one so they bought an Aixro? Maybe someone likes a different brand of tire or doesn’t want to spend the $$ on what the track specifies is the “spec” tire. Maybe someone gets bored of going to the same track time and time again and would enjoy visiting other tracks. There are lots of reasons for the class….and I’m sure you can find lot’s of reasons against it. For those like yourself that find lot’s of reasons against it, you more than welcome to race the other classes offered. You will always be welcome to run with us if you’d like.