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Ace Rossi

Personally I think a series is and was a great idea but I thought it started out being for the working class racer. The ones that build and maintain their own equipment. The ones that are not track sponsored! I also thought from the beginning that this class was going to be holding races on their OWN track day where racers show up in the morning, practice, then race a series of races thru out the day and go home the same day. What has happened from what I see is that it has gone from THAT idea to running mega rules at tracks that ALREADY have a race schedule with a shifter class already in place.

What has been gained? Why try to re-invent what is already in place? If what your looking for is to race against racers of your caliper, then my suggestion is to pick ONE centrally located track, dhow up with whatever it is you have and IF enough masters, geezers, whatever you want to call it, show up, then run it! Once the class structure is built, move it around to various tracks! I’m sure A track will welcome a fun bunch of shifters in their own class but it has to formed SOMEPLACE FIRST before scheduling a series of races across the state! I don’t think anyone will travel not knowing what lies ahead!

I plan on racing my first race Sept 7th at OGP whether I win, break, or finish last because I want to have fun and I need to start someplace and that’s as good a place as any!