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Brian Wilson

Since Marc-Andre has decided to take a step back…..I’m going to step up. I have made a few phone calls and here is where we’re at. All the tracks would welcome the idea and would allow it to be the dates that Marc-Andre had originally set up (although he had the PBIR date incorrect by a day) and so far these would be the stipulations.

No 450 four strokes….multiple tracks have said they would prefer to exclude them. Fine by me, I don’t know anyone who has one on a sprint kart anyways.

250 four strokes….OGP is talking about that one and will get back to me next week, but they have no issues with any brand 125 two stroke, Aixro, etc. Other tracks have said the 250 four stroke is good with them.

Fuel would be open

Tires would be open

Weight would be open

There will be tech for chassis and driver safety gear….no engine tech.

Proper one piece kart driving suit will be required (no jeans).

There will be strict and I mean strict rules for driving….no contact and no aggressive or defensive driving. This is your warning and you will be black flagged. If you can’t race/drive clean, then race in the other classes offered.

You can drive in multiple classes if you’d like, but the kart you run in this class cannot be run in any other class that day.

I think a 30 and over age limit is fair.

Don’t have the dates/tracks set yet, but you will drop your lowest points for the series, wether it’s due to mechanical, DNS, DNF or just did not attend.

There will be no trophies offered on a per race basis (unless the track offers it), I will spring for a series champion award, haven’t decided if it would be a trophy, gift certificate or whatever yet.

All this is open to discussion and thoughts.

Please fell free to comment and say if you would or would not consider attending something like this. This class is meant to be fun…if you race purely for the competitiveness and have a winning at all cost attitude, there are other classes for you.

This class is not meant to be the latest, greatest see how much you can spend class.