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Brian Wilson

bingo!! you want to lap and have fun the stuff you got is great you want to race well you need to sale and buy right motor, just like any racing series, it is what it is.

“you need to sale and buy right motor” equals you need to spend more money!!

There are two sides to the coin…….

In the old days of karting, there weren’t all the rules, you had home mechanics building their own karts, going out racing them with a bunch of other guys and having fun. The the kart shops and tire manufacturers got involved and started with all the specs and rules and karting started to decline as it was no longer a guy throwing together a kart and having fun. The spec racing gets expensive and in my opinion, is not always using the best motor. People started getting out of racing because they could no longer have fun without spending more money. Believe it or not, there are alot of people that don’t race to win, they race to have fun. There are guys out there that would have more fun battling for 9th place and enjoying the camaraderie throughout the day than getting some stupid trophy or being punted off the track by someone who wants to win at all cost because they invested so much into their kart.

I may be the minority in my thinking, but I think the masters class should be more about attitude than age.  It should be more about guys that still want to have competitive fun, but don’t want the ultra competitiveness of the other classes. Guys that enjoy turning their own wrenches and going fast, but have a life and responsibilities outside of the track.

maybe I should try and get this idea off the ground instead of a “Masters series” try and have a race that would run at other events that would be a fun class, with strict rules regarding driver etiquette and safety…..but open to various karts. No restrictions on tires, fuel or weights. Engines open to 125 or 250 2 strokes, 250 or 450 4 strokes, aixro, vampires, etc