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Brian Wilson

Not trying to stir the pot or complicate things, but since most masters (from my experience) do it for fun, why not open the class up to karts other than stock moto? If the attendance gets large enough, then you can start implementing engine rules. I know lot’s of guys that do track days because they are more of a “run what you brung” type of a deal and they are there for fun….not trying to outspend the other guy. Not saying to open it up to every kart engine out there, but if someone wants to run a yamaha or kawasaki 125, a four stroke 250, an ICC or possibly even an aixro….let them. You may find alot more people out there than you would think that would join in. I have an aixro and wouldn’t commit to the series, but I would show up for at least one or two of the races, but may make them all if it worked out with my schedule. Maybe have the true “master stock moto” guys start on the front of the grid and put all others behind them.

By the way, don’t forget there are three other tracks in Florida that would probably welcome you with open arms as well…..Monticello, 103rd St & Homestead. Sure, one of them may be really far for someone to travel so they may not attend, but you would have a better chance of pulling in people from all over the state. If you wanted to have a “series champion” have it where everyone would only be scored on all but one race, that way you could use one race as a “drop race” if you either had a mechanical or chose not to attend the furthest race from you.

Just food for thought…..