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Brian Degulis

call your local DEP or EPA office and ask about putting down an <span class=”st”>impenetrable surface and see what they tell you….I think you’ll change your mind pretty quick…before you ever think about laying asphalt you’d have to have an engineer design a drainage and retention system for you, someone to certify that there are no wetlands on the property, any trees removed or any native species that have to be relocated would have to be “mitigated”, God only knows what that would cost. The idea of building new is so scary, I have a friend that’s been trying to open his MX track for nearly two years…he’s by the book, and he’s still trying to get approved and legal so he can open for business….he’s still not open, and it’s a dirt bike track.


All true but you might be surprised how acomadating the state of FL and it’s counties have goten since 2008 when the boom ground to a halt. Those power drunk little pin heads were breaking chops like crazy making it almost impossible to build a bird house. Now that they’re tax base is loaded with un finished projects and forclosures they’s all peachy creamy going over old aplications and droping half of the ridiclous requirements they insisted on earlier.