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Robbie Nelson

As for gearing ratios, I gear it between 17/73 and 17/65 for JB (#219 chain). Next season he moves up to JA and I’m getting a 19T clutch sprocket so he can get up to higher speeds with the same axle sprockets.

Hmmm…  So, if I just simply swap the carb slides, one of the kids is going to be at a disadvantage.  That sucks.  I hadn’t considered that.  Argh….  My daughter turns 12 in May, so she can run JB until then.  I need to research that age/class rule again.

As far as sticking with #35 (what’s on the KT100 now) or switching to #219.
Chain $30
Drive sprockets come with the World Formula
Axle sprocket set $100
Total $130

Use chain I have
Drive sprocket set $45
Axle sprocket set $90
Total $135

Note: These are approximate values on economy units.

So, it’s close to a wash.  I’m going to go with a new #219 setup.

Robbie Nelson