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Rob Howden

One look through the classified forums and you can see how things aren’t working. Formatting is all jacked up, quotes, etc.

In fact, just the lack of posted ads versus the old site should be telling enough, don’t even need to look at analytics.

TBH though, as a newbie to karting, websites sure don’t seem like they are high priority for anyone. Hell, even WKA hasn’t posted any stories or results from the Man. Cup races on Sat & Sun.

Joshua….as proven by the lack of quote formatting directly above, we need to fix a few things. The formatting will be looked at in good time, as we’ve been addressing a couple other issues first. As for the posted ads, I think that almost 400 unique classified ads in just over a month is pretty strong, considering the fact that we’re in the middle of the season.

As far as website priority is concerned, WKA isn’t really a good barometer of this, as they have never been overly-forward on trackside coverage. I expect a report from Pitt tomorrow. In stark contrast, our EKN Trackside coverage has been able to expand and flourish with the new site, thanks to more functional and user-friendly photo galleries and the ability to post video and audio interviews within our race reports. These are all very valuable commodities for our readership that those focusing totally on the forums do not take into consideration.

We’ll be back trackside with live coverage of the Rock Island Grand Prix and US Pro Kart Series finale within the next month, and I can assure you that a large group of karting enthusiasts will make our site a priority during those weekends.

And, as a newbie, I think you’ll be impressed with the components we have coming down the line to help make it much easier for new racers to enter the sport and enjoy their learning curve.

Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden