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Dustin McGrew

I do web development for a living. You guys are getting some terrible advice from somebody. To put it bluntly, if you or whoever is leading you guys to believe this forum will be better than the old one, you are out of your minds. To get all of the features the old forum had you will have to 1) rely on others to create plugins for bbPress or 2) create your own plugins. Neither of these options are easy or cheap. Doing a quick search on bbPress.org there are no advanced search plugins. Even putting an icon that tells the user if there are new posts in a category is a pain in the ass if not near impossible. Why would you want to go through all of that trouble when you could have went with software that is purpose built to be a forum like phpBB 3, vBulletin, or ipBoard? Quotes aren’t even working correctly on this forum. Come on guys.