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Rob Howden

Let’s be real here. You don’t really want honest feedback. When you had real feedback, you cried about it and deleted the posts. What you want is for everybody to agree with you and tell you they like the new site, except they don’t. Everybody hates the new site.

Everybody knows it is your site, and you can do whatever you want with it. However, the way you disregarded everybody’s feelings was unbelievably arrogant. You keep saying how much better the new site will be, except nobody has seen any hint of it yet.


Leaving feedback in a forum thread serves no useful purpose, but only to fuel a mob mentality of negative commentary. Like any ‘customer feedback box’, we emptied the box, went through all the input, we’ve put together plans to make adjustments, and we are moving forward. To say that we disregarded this feedback is simply ridiculous. But I guess that perception is part of the world we live in. You can’t see behind the scenes, so you make a negative assumption that we don’t care, you call me ‘unbelievably arrogant’, and you feel justified in your post. Would you call me that to my face? I would hope not, considering that fact that you’re only making an assumption based on what you see in a few forum threads. Because if you did, you’d hear that we’re working on this everyday. You’d learn that it’s a constant topic of every day, and steps are being taken to add features that have been requested.

EKN is a vibrant site, with a staff of two people. Our developer is working on some solutions to other minor issues as well, all while David and I continue to go about the business of running the site. I know you don’t care about this, or our editorial efforts, because it’s all about the forum for you, but the simple fact is that upgrades will be made as soon as we can put them into effect. The reality is that we’re working on it every day.

And Henry, people don’t ‘hate’ the ‘website’, some just ‘hate’ the new forum. The site itself – the other dozen segments of the site that support the sport and racers with coverage, editorial, news and features, have been extremely well-received. I have a ton of great emails and message from racers, parents, advertisers and the organizations. I do thank those people for their input as well.

I’m disappointed that you can’t see that the forum continues to provide positive community interaction, and is already evolving with new threads and topics each day. Yes, it’s a different experience and a different look, and it’s lacking a few features of the old site, but if content is actually king, the site will re-generate itself very quickly. So, you can either help that along by adding useful contributions, or you won’t. I can’t make you do either, so it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to make a positive contribution to EKN and the sport, or just comment on what’s wrong with the site.

Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden