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Rob Howden

Thank you for the reply and the input, Greg.

Each and every person is entitled to their opinion, and that’s great. If ‘ease of use’ and ‘content’ are the two primary comments at this time, this works for me…and here’s why:

1. Ease of Use – as I have stated, the new forum IS the new forum, plain and simple, and it’s not going to get thrown out to go back to a widescreen format. Our site just doesn’t work that way and it was a pain, business-wise, in the past as well. So, to address ‘ease of use’ with the new forum, we will continue to work on improving the experience to the best of our ability and limitations. That said, I’m sure you’ll agree that the familiarity with the old forum and the discomfort that comes with new things, unknown qualities, is at least partially part of anyone’s negative feelings toward’s the new boards. This will eventually dissipate as people become more comfortable with the new site.

2. Content – on the old forum, topics were brought and debated, time after time. We re-hashed old topics each year, some people just played along and commented and added to the thread, while others bitched that people simply need to search for a topic instead of starting a new one. What I’m getting at here is that as the days and months go by, every topic from the old forum will be introduced here as well. It’s inevitable. We turn over people in the sport every 3-4 years, we know that, and while it’s a trouble spot in the growth of karting, in this particular case, it means that the new people coming into the sport will be asking the same questions and discussing the same topics as those that came in four years earlier. The content will re-generate itself, as it already is. We are looking into ways to bring some of the old content over, but I can’t comment on the true ability of this possibility at this time.

Thanks again.

Rob Howden - eKartingNews.com Publisher / Editor - @RobHowden