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Mike Clark

On the sprint track here they run Motards. What strikes me is some ride like road racers & some ride like motocrossers. I only saw a little bit once though.

Yeah, top speed is the rookie question. I try to convey how busy it feels, but that is starting to fade a little as I am getting used to karting. I am going to try to get busy tomorrow as our class should have some decent battles. Another guy and I are about the same speed. He is a great guy on & off the track. The comradery is part of it too. Our class has probably seen the most sharing of equipment and loaning of parts than any other at the track. I got 2 phone calls early in the week both insisting I use their engine if I couldn’t get mine fixed. 2 guy will be running karts they don’t own. Add the children classes and there is a whole other dimension. Everybody looks out for everybody else. When I couldn’t run for whatever reason I still go to help. I didn’t take up karting to make friends but you make friends with the people that you meet there.