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Nic Logan

This is honestly how I feel about it.

Karting is an ideal motorsport for any person interested in the pursuit of self improvement and discovery. For the restless, free thinking, and adventurous at heart, karting can funnel all of your thoughts, cares, and actions into a single pursuit. To drive a kart well requires intelligence, will, patience, ambition, humility, endurance, and last but most definitely not least, focus. Karting demands your focus, all of it. A kart, as a racing machine will do you no favors and the driver is an integral part of how the kart will perform. So when driving a kart, 100% of the drivers focus is required and, out of sheer necessity, all of life’s other concerns fade away. This sensation is immensely rewarding and the development of all those personal attributes happens by osmoses. With karting, the positive reinforcement is built into the requirements of participating. Then you realize you’re surrounded by a community of individuals experiencing the same thing as you.