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Paul Kish

edit up front:

The whole point of what follows is because I think if you know why you are physically able to increase your speed through the apex, it will put an objective to the different techniques being discussed.


Hi Ray,

You have learned to understand how entry can effect the next phase of any turn.  And what I have read in the discussion is a debate about when and how to accelerate.  I think when reading through the responses you have seen there is still something mysterious being talked about.  You have seen and others have responded about how there is something you can do to be faster through the apex.  You have experienced it and it’s being debated and argued the magic originates, either because of entry or how you intend to exit.  The magic appears to be showing itself as increased speed during the apex.

If you too are now seeing the end result of the magic, maybe after reading what I wrote, as an increased apex speed, I can tell you exactly why it is able to occur.  But before I can explain why it can happen, I must slightly have to re-define the apex or where the magic can occur.  I think anywhere you read will define the apex as a point in a turn.  I think the point will relate to most often as a transition, from one portion of a turn to another.  I also see the apex that way.

Before I can go on, if we are not on the same page so far the rest will only confuse.  So to go on I must ask if you or anyone is at least pretty much understanding the apex the same?



I also must throw something else in here now so we all can include it in thoughts later.  Usually if not always when you see a drawing of the apex, the apex will occur at the inside limit of where you can drive.  Lets expand the track a little.  Before I can explain why the magic can occur, we must throw out an “inside of track” limit to where the apex will occur.  For the magic to occur we will still define a turn from a point ‘A’ to a point ‘B’, but the driving line will not necessarily make the apex occur at the inside limit of where you can drive.  I know a purest will only want to see the apex as normally defined, but you did not ask about a purest mathematical concept.  You, if I’m reading you correctly, are asking why does entry effect what you can do not only through the rest of the turn, but why specifically can one entry ‘speed’ cause quicker times through a turn.  And what’s the magic condition your trying to hit to be fast.  If you will notice I did NOT mention the line taken during entry, your question relates to speed through the turn and what is it that makes you able to have more ‘speed’ or less time through the turn.

I’m going to stop for now because if nobody is following me or nobody is interested in exactly why the magic can occur to be faster in a turn, I’m just wasting my time and your time.  I also realize I wandered off a bit.  It’s my nature and it is especially likely to happen when trying to describe magic. … :)

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