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Paul Kish

“How do you go faster on that same line if the kart oversteers or understeers when you accelerate?  You haven’t answered that question and how it applies to the ability to travel the “exact same path at a speed above your end of deceleration speed”…”


That’s the whole point to what I’m explaining, you can’t.  This all depends on circumstances. You can’t be on the gas because you would either be loose or push.  But you can travel an ‘x’ amount of distance at a speed higher then entry.  Entry speed, plus elevated speed through a portion of the turn to the point where you can fully accelerate, can at times be faster then entry speed and then apply as much acceleration as possible to where full acceleration can be applied.  IMHO, over all turn times with the same exit line, will always be better.


You all like math.  I’m saying there are times when you can average a higher speed over a similar but maybe not exact line and have the same exit line, by maintaining a constant speed through a portion of the turn.  You can do it over applying maximum acceleration through the same portion of the turn.  I know you want to say how can entering at one speed and then immediately starting to accelerate ever be slower, then trying to maintain a slightly elevated speed after entry.  It can because acceleration instantly demands a loss of grip at the outside front limiting rate of acceleration while turning.  And if your not on the fine line of maximizing slip ratio, your rate of acceleration is even less.

Sorry, I’m wandering off again.  I see your points and thoughts now.  I’m incorrect about the possibility I’m trying to show and I guess the only thing left is to say I’m sorry for wasting all your time.  Thanks for the conversation and thanks for showing me the errors of my ways.





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