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Rob Kozakowski

In general one of three things can happen when you accelerate…

1) You continue traveling along the same (ideal) path.  This is what we all hope for.

2) You get oversteer, the back end starts to come around.  In this case you can either reduce speed to get back on the ideal path or you can correct your steering inputs (counter-steer) to keep on the correct path (although this will result in you slowing down even if your foot is held on the gas because you’ll be scrubbing speed).  The other options involve getting off-line or maybe even spinning the kart.  None of these options are ideal.

3) You get understeer, and the front end won’t track along the path you want it to.  In this case about all you can do is slow down to get back on the ideal path or induce a whole lot of extra steering input, which will again slow you down because you’ll be scrubbing speed.

Given this, how is this not an issue of kart setup, instead one of “the driver needs to learn to do it”?