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Paul Kish

Rob, does it matter how long it takes to get somewhere on here as long as we get somewhere?

It’s hard to not sound like I’m arguing with you but I’ll give it a try.


Do you feel there is nothing that can take place between where deceleration entering a corner ends and acceleration from the corner begins?

I feel there is.


Are you saying to me it’s impossible not go from deceleration to acceleration instantly?


I’ll answer it’s possible to stop decelerating and maintain your speed, until you begin to accelerate.  With that being a possibility, what I’m explaining is you can take the exact same line as if you only maintained your speed after ending deceleration, at a higher speed.  You can do it because even if you entered the turn at maximum grip, once you end deceleration grip is instantly redistributed.  And if you have the driver skill you can take advantage of the instant redistribution of grip to accelerate slightly.  Allowing you to take the same turn, on the same line, with the same exit point,  at a higher speed.

Brake, Insert 'arc', Turn, Accelerate