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Paul Kish

Eric,  Yes I think you are describing entry and exit into the area I’m trying to point out.

I’d like to say yes, yes and yes.

What I’m adding to it is once entered, you can use your skill again to slightly accelerate and cover the transition area at a speed slightly above entry.  You can do it because once you’ve entered the area and are no longer decelerating, the slight acceleration will quickly remove some use from the outside front and split it up more evenly between the outside front and rear.  The shift in use of grip will allow for both the slight acceleration and the maintaining of a higher speed, to when you apply normal exit acceleration.  What is key is it provides for the possibility of hitting your exact same marks on exit or even a mark more toward the inside of exit, at a higher speed then if you immediately switched from deceleration to acceleration.  It’s done every race by drivers and I think if you think about the watching of turns you have done in the past, it will click that you have been seeing it all along but not recognizing it.


Brake, Insert 'arc', Turn, Accelerate