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Paul Kish

Greg Wright wrote:
Actually Paul, the method that I described will work regardless of HP, however the apex will not be in the same place.

Greg Wright
Rapid Racing Inc. “When in doubt Gas it, It won’t help but it ends the suspense!”


DARN GREG WRIGHT… WHY THE HECK DID YOU GO AND DO THAT TO ME … :)  I was trying to get out of here gracefully. … :)
I was all set to not be back.  Until I set down tonight with a glass of liquid refreshment and fell deep into thought.  Actually it didn’t take all that much thought because I don’t put much thought into anything, anymore or any earlier.

anyway… I have a problem with zero’ing in on the changing apex depending on available hp.  I stated earlier my mind always sees available hp, available grip, the need to maintain momentum, driver skill and racing needs … in anything racing related.  That’s what makes this stuff so darn hard.

anyway again… If hp demands you must take a different line and it alters the apex, when ya have less available hp or more… doesn’t it also mean you were NOT running at the limit of grip when you had less hp and you could have been going faster taking a different line at the limit of grip? (I already see a problem with what I wrote, because there is no reason to take the same line as you would with more hp, because you cannot use the additional distance traveled to apply hp)… but I’ll just ignore it… :)

see how this stuff gets all mixed up but still together so tight everything relates to everything else?  … If you do…  I don’t … :)

just kidding.  Racing is an art.  It’s something that is beyond normal human comprehension and has to be demonstrated, the same as art in the form of a painting, a sculpture or a composition be it music or pros.

I’m good at questions, just real darn poor at the answers.





edit: after seeing where I had a problem with what I wrote while writing it, I’m going to have to go back and try to understand your last post a little bit better.


thanks again for the conversation and I think Ray, got a lot more then he asked for.  ain’t that what helping each other out is all about?





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