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Paul Kish

Thank you Greg,


I see exactly what your showing me.  All good.  I think I’ll stop on this.  The way my mind works I want to just keep bring in more and more variables.   It will really get confusing.

example:   When you explained about running out of race track on exit, I immediately started to bring into the picture available hp and what kind of hp would be needed, in varying situations.  I assume your doing the same by wondering if were both thinking about yammi can’s or top hp shifters.  But I’d like to invite you to take a second thought about the ability to roll a portion of a turn because of slight hp input at a higher speed then entry.  Think of it as an additional option or tool to have and use when needed, prior to normal exit acceleration.  Just as a maybe an additional possibility.





Brake, Insert 'arc', Turn, Accelerate