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Paul Kish



Can you help us out or are you just posting a general complaint about it?

I’ve learned a lot on this thread and I’m grateful for being allowed to input.

I’ve learned about a ‘slow in slow out’ line.  I’ve learned many try to drive to saved data from GPS info about their on track performance.  And they look at the output and increase or decrease their on track speed per calculations of what is obtainable based on g input.  I’ve been taken back to a paper I’ve been into since it’s inception and I saved it again in a better form, which includes graphics.  I’ve again come to realize all the math and all the books are written based on over all or total grip being assumed, which makes them all generally useless.  And that’s because grip and going fast is a result of individual tires working with the track, not the total.  Sure this thread seemed to be started to discuss ‘slow in fast out’, which is based on total grip.  But on down and recently the thread starter indicated that is not what they were interested in.  I proposed a way to be faster then ‘slow in fast out’.  So far it’s not been shot down or argued against its validity.

I think it’s a great thread for a beginner.  If they dig into it the thread can be a starting point for concepts and they can less rely on empirical data based on inputs, which are not the reality of how things raced work.  I think it’s been a great thread.

I disagree with you there is magic.  Magic is a display of things real, but beyond normal understanding.  Do you have anything positive to say or did you get on here just to complain and cause issues.  So far non of us have had any issues with each others posts and are we are trying to understand each other.  I’ll tell you up front again, I really don’t know anything racing related as fact.   Can you help us out?


I just looked at your bio Greg and there was nothing there.  I then went to the corporation indicated in your signature.  WOW, you are someone who knows stuff and can help.

Can you shoot down my basic complaint about racing math that it’s based on total grip and not how individual tires work?  It’s helpful but I think when it comes to splitting hairs to decide who is first and who will be second, I think it falls short.  I think I now understand Rays original question to be one of how do you go beyond total grip advice.  I see his question now to be, ok I’ve been down the road of all aspects of ‘slow in fast out’ and it’s just not the final answer.

I’m saying the final answer is using each individual tire as needed at every point on the track, based on available grip, available hp, the need to maintain momentum and racing needs.  I’m sure you have drivers that just seem to do something special in the turns, which it’s hard to put into words.  What I’ve tried to do in this thread is present and try to define one driver skill that creates the little bit extra.

I’m not saying I’m correct on it.  But I’ve seed it applied out on the track.  I think it’s one of those obvious things which is there but you will not notice it, unless you look for it.


thanks and I hope I did not anger you



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