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Eric Alexander

@ Paul:  By all means, this is an open discussion.

For me, the line driven is still on the edge.  The braking is hard and you should be near the limit at turn in.  I think that is what T.J. means early on in this thread when he says “you want to be fast in and fast out”.  In that graphic, you still want to be at the limit during the red and yellow portions of the line.   I think where you’re going be less at the limit of grip is under acceleration and track-out because you’ve lessened the arc – in theory.

But the real point is how to back the corner up to be faster on exit and thus carry that additional speed down the following straight.

Also, I think that embedded graphic might be over-exaggerating the line somewhat to show the concept.   I think the linked-to page has better theoretical graphics exploring the concept mathematically.  But personally, I find the math tough to digest and only like it because it explains what I feel I ‘m trying to do.