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Paul Kish

ok just can’t keep my mind shut… :)

Eric, I understand now what was originally asked about when “slow in fast out” was referenced.

Butt… :)  in addition, not arguing, just trying to show a concept…

I can see with slow in speeds during the ‘red’ portion of the line will be below the limit of grip.  Because your below the limit of grip it will allow for some acceleration prior to the apex.  And the whole intent I think is to be able to start your acceleration early.  But the line shown in the art work also creates a racing vulnerability.  It leaves open a line under you which when taken by another competitor will more then likely interfere with your intended acceleration.  It sets up the classic battle of a two grove track and an inside and outside  competition.

In the scenario I was trying to propose(not very well but trying), the outside racer would end the ‘red’ area and enter the ‘yellow’ area, at a higher speed and at the limit of grip.  All out acceleration could not then begin as soon, as in the “slow in fast out” scenario, but the ‘yellow’ portion could be taken per my discussion at a speed slightly higher then entry.  The line would also be a more rounded line and place the racer more toward the inside of the turn and able to apply more hp if available because of then traveling in a straighter line.   It’s a win win situation over the “slow in fast out” scenario.  First because the ‘red’ and early on ‘yellow’ portions of the line would be at higher speeds because of the higher entry speed and it will be much easier to hold the racer toward the inside of the turn protecting the exit line.


well… ?   I don’t think I argued with anything written on here, but instead proposed what I think is a better scenario.




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