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Paul Kish

<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Matt Dixon wrote:</div>
15XG’sXRadius=( )the square root of = Max MPH

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Very interesting.  Does it pertain to any point in a turn or does it assume your racing in a perfectly round circle?  I have a very hard time following equation’s let alone being able to solve them.  Would you please explain your concept further or where you learned about it?

I’m trying to pass on to Ray and anyone else who may be interested a concept of why a particular portion of a turn can be taken and maintained at a higher speed then entry speed.  I think when Ray sees it he will instantly be able to put it into the perspective of why entry speed and exit speed do not necessarily relate to each other.   It’s a simple matter of being able to take the middle portion of a turn at a higher speed then entry, to the point of all out acceleration.

What generally prevents a driver from doing it is there lack of ability to keep their foot from slamming down the go pedal prematurely.  I’m leading in to showing a physical reason why you may not want to have the pedal to the floor all through a turn.  I’ve heard so often how drivers and others have said slow down to go fast.  It’s a learning process for drivers and when they do slow down and go faster, it’s usually a magical experience.  I’m simply putting a physical reason to why slowing down to go faster can occur.

I’m looking forward to additional input on your formula.  I hope it will help Ray as I think I am trying to help.  Ray states in his signature he has been a karting expert since 2014.  That and my dry sense of humor makes me want to do all I can to help.  Can I help?  I don’t know but if I do or do not Ray and I will both learn something.  I hope to learn more from you too.

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