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Paul Kish

To continue on I have to state what I consider to be facts for a straight. On a straight, “Maximum resulting speed no matter what the entry speed or gearing, involves having just enough grip to put all available hp to the track with the least conflict for control of direction from the tires. To do so you would be operating your rear tires at there maximum slip ratio.”.

Then comes the complex turn which has available grip, available hp, need to maintain momentum, driver input and racing needs; to set limits and limitations.

The turn starts with turn in which is simply the need to be able to start the process or you would continue straight. Were still racing and were still interested in what will provide us with the ability to carry or obtain the highest speed from the straight. Beyond turn in what will allow us to carry the most speed is to be able to operate our tires with the least slip angle, occurring equally at all four tires and the least conflict for control of direction. And that will occur in all parts of a corner, weather you are decelerating, accelerating or rolling in the corner. I’ve never written it exactly like that before; but I think if there is a goal for how to use your tires for speed in a corner, it may be a very good goal.

I do realize “real race cars”, as opposed to LTO(left turn only) racers,  needs are to turn both left and right.  And depending on rear axle and differential configuration, it especially limits your ability to control slip angle at the inside rear.  And I realize were talking about racing karts with a solid axle and how it is necessary to unload the inside rear in a corner.  But aside from those limitations I think I stated fairly well what is needed to negotiate a corner at the highest possible speed.  Your goal to be fast, racing something which turns both left and right and has a solid axle, is still to be able to use the inside rear as much as possible.  I suspect I will instantly get thoughts about how any use of the inside rear in a turn will reduce times through the corner.  But weather or not it’s use will reduce or enhance times depends on if you are decelerating, accelerating or rolling in the corner.  And at the start of my getting involved in this thread, I had one particular thing which I now feel is totally a driver function in mind.  I feel it is the major reason a driver can reduce time through a corner.  At least I now think it’s the major reason for reduced time beyond entry speed, entry line and how soon they can apply final acceleration out of the corner.  It’s specifically a skill all drivers need to learn, much the same as a driver needs to learn the function of and the skill to trail brake.



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