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Rob Kozakowski

The other thing that cannot be overlooked in all of this is how the kart is setup, how it’s handling, and general grip levels will have a MAJOR impact on the ability to attack a corner vs. “easing” around a corner, and the resulting ability to carry speed into, through, and out of a corner.

As the most extreme example I’ve experienced, (quite) a few years back, I went from a final practice session where I was a full 2 seconds off the pace on well-worn tires, to setting a track record in qualifying an hour later with new tires.  It was also a lesson on how pointless it can be to try to tune a chassis unless you’ve got decent rubber under you.  The only change I made between practice and qualifying was changing old rubber for new because it really was all tires that were slowing me down and giving me no grip whatsoever.