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Bob Baldwin

Ray: I will offer this up from one of the best Wheelmen ever . Back in the 80’s I was doing my Gopher work at DIS . Had the chance to pick-up AJ Foyt at his pit and transport him to the Media center . at the time he had quite the reputation of speaking what was on his mind reguardless of WHO it was . Only question I asked was we are going to the Media center Correct ,he nodded yes . On the ride there he kept looking over at me ,We finally got to the media center . He says I can tell your dying to ask me a question .Yes I do I said Shoot he says . So I stupidly blurt out ” WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING AT WHEN YOU ARE RACING ? “He started to get up and then sat back down and sprewing his words of wisdom . He said no one ever asked him that question before but the bottom line answer was over the years he trained himself not to look at any one thing more than 2 seconds .whether it was Midgets , sprint cars ,Champ cars , Indy cars Sportscars , NASCAR whatever. Further stating that your brain can process what your eyes see and retain that information . He further stated that SPEED is ALL a RELATIVE THING. wether you are doing 100 mph on a small bullring or 200 mph in an Indy car KEEP the EYES MOVING at ALL TIMES .