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TJ Koyen

I always look to my next mark. So coming into a corner I look to the braking zone, once I find it I start looking for the apex point, once I find it and hit it I’m looking to the outside edge of the track where I’m going to swing out on exit, once I find it I’m looking to the next braking zone. So basically I’m always trying to look at least a step ahead if I can. I’m looking for the apex before I’ve gotten fully to the braking zone.

One thing I notice is a lot of guys get hypnotized by the kart in front in a racing situation and have a hard time looking past that kart. I’ve seen guys make a mistake and drive off only to have the following kart also drive off because the following driver was so focused on the guy in front of him.

Looking ahead is one of the toughest lessons to learn as a driver but also one of the most important I think.

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