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Troy V Smith

Fines are the last thing this sport needs.  It costs most people enough just to get out there and compete.  If rules are not being followed accordingly, there are other approaches which can be made without costing more hard earned dollars.  Mechanical failures are going to happen, mistakes are going to be made – charging people $$ for them will only be a detriment to the sport.

 This past weekend, they were handing out $10 fines for failing to signal when entering or exiting the track at our club race – people in every class were getting them, from young to old. That price point seemed pretty appropriate for club racing. It shouldn’t stop anyone from racing, but it’s a signal to smarten up.

That seems a bit ridiculous to me.  If it is such a problem and folks can’t abide by the rules set fourth, it seems pretty obvious that the solution is to pull them from the track and prevent them getting back on.  Shouldn’t have anything to do with $$.  The fines imposed are going to do nothing for the innocent guy that is going to take the hit from there lack of attention anyway.

And at what point does will an “intermittent” mistake get separated from a “cause for a fine”?

If safety isn’t being taken seriously, then maybe it’s not just a problem with guys on track, but  the officials need to take a look into there own policies and learn how to enforce them.

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