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Mark Grossman

I’ve read the jet-tech article maybe no less than 50 times, and it sits on my workbench. Thanks for such great info on both the jetting and PV setup. Definitely helped get me up to speed on what to look for.

when I bought the kart, it had a 190 main and was even worse, much worse and would barely run until I was screaming it. Yet keeping the choke on helped as it does now. Now that I’ve cleaned everything out no harm in trying to go up from the 182 a few sizes at a time and see if things go in the right direction.

Was supposed to have a track day today and was going to try a friends spare carb, but the track was closed for a private session…grrrr.

Ordered a new power valve, bellow, springs etc, Mikuni fuel pump and other bits to start replacing if the spare carb makes no difference. Though the kart is an ’08, it had barely an hour on it (per the mychron4) when I bought it last year. Prior owner wasn’t into it so it was essentially brand new. Everything is in perfect condition, fuel lines tight, Rotax oem battery, etc.  Maybe I should just replace it with a nice new ’13 kart……