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Robert Lawson

Hey Mike,

Don’t think WKA has a RR tire rule. You’ll get opinions on tire brand and compound from other CIK guys here I’m sure.

Being a “laydown guy” guessing on a CIK set-up, I’d assume a softer compound for the road course (passing) because the oval will just be drafting. Weather will play a factor in that choice as well. Brand? All the major brands are pretty good but Hoosiers are made here the USA. I’ll be on Dunlops.

200#’s……I resemble that! Well, I’m a bit lighter but know the feeling. Make yourself small: elbows in, head down, knees together, feet low and out of the air flow, hand position, etc.

You’ll get some tips on tweak’s to the kart too. Rad and seat angle, fairing of choice, etc.

It’ll be a good time, you’ll like it.