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Robert Lawson

Thanks for the count down Brian!!!! Like sand in an hour glass it moves too slowly. Unless of course you have not touched anything yet. Like me!!!!! Tried to sneak in a few long over due projects before Daytona and hit a snag, or 2!


I find that EXTREMELY hard to believe. Spoke to a VERY excited young man up here last night with a new ride from Fry Racing and he’s over the moon happy with his purchase! Were going to make room for him in the trailer so he can join the rest of us crazies in Fla. I gave him and his Dad the best (and most logical) advice I could on running this kart…….DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Sure hope you are around down there, I made it clear I will be of little or no assistance when it comes to modern day air cooled 100cc stuff. Now, a K88 or K78 is another story!!!!!! :)

My garage has no shingles on it, after tearing it off Rich and I both agree were too bloody old to be doing this $hit!!!! We got it ready for a new roof, one of my In-Laws is supposed to finish it up. All the material is here but the weather has not cooperated, it kept raining on his only day off! The tarp survived 50+mph winds the other day but now it’s colder than a well diggers hind parts out there! We’ll get back on track once it’s done and start making progress prepping for Daytona.

Now if I can come up with a plan to sneak my CBR250R into the trailer my Holiday season will be perfect! Love my new little bike, was worth every mile to Atlanta and back. (Thanks Freewheeling Honda!)