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Jason Santander

You are right, im looking at what i said above and its wrong, i dont even have a 150 main, I was typing with what i remember, Im looking at my notes now…

Correct, U7 is thicker, leaner needle use that.

130 is right, you will end up in that jet, BUT start at 140 if your breaking in.

These motors run small jets/lean  unlike other icc’s.

50 Slide if you have it. DP262 yes.

inner if possible do CD1, its basically a bigger holed inner emulsion tube, it will allow you to jet with the 45 outer. 45 inner is good too if you dont have a cd1.

If track is long and lots of WOT, this inner and outer jet is what you need to richen, so when throttle is closed your lubricating.

Reeds: make sure upper reed is softer, lower reed is firmer. easy to turn cage around and flip this.






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