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Jason Santander

this motor is like my bread and butter,

DP262, cd1 inner or 45 inner/ 45 outter pilot jet, U2 needle, clip on second slot, washer under clip.

150 main to start, if to rich:  put spacer on top of clip on needle to drop it alittle, 148 main.

Also, gearing, whatever icc on the track, ask them their gearing, add one tooth to your axle. ex: a tm K9B has 16/24, then you do 16/25. Of all ICC motors, the crs has the biggest primary, small secondary ratio.

Parts are rare in US, but they still make these motors in Italy, $$$ to get parts. Contact TSR in florida to order your parts.

Birel CR32SR Complete roller $2k
set of new tires on wheels, extra set wheels, freeline large & small rad, tons of freeline components

TWO CRS ICC motors complete- rebuilt $3k
Custom Pit Cart