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Larry Andrews

It’s sort of like Jeff Glover, or something else that’s left over from the early 80s.  At least one of those guys did a stint in cars.  If we’re going back that far to make up fake names, why not steal from Brad Lackey?  That dude was Steve McQueen cool.

On topic – I think that one of the things that Chris has overlooked is the need to have the ends of the tube cut straight and not at an angle.  A good machinist never questions this and forgets about a guy working on the backporch using a hacksaw to cut tube held between the knees that just ain’t ever gonna get a straight cut.

Good quality pipe nipples will work in a pinch for tube sections lathe cut to length.   Brass helps to avoid dings on the crank surfaces.  The recommendation to use a bolt with a big washer on the crank side and a nut with a big washer on the clutch side is very good also.  Easy.