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Chris Reinhardt

um correct me if im wrong but doesnt the tranny side crank case halve lift off the crank? the stator side of the crank is pressed in… not sure why you guys are heating the cases to press a crank in? ive done numerous cases for cr motors and a press does fine with no heat. a seal tool kit will press int he seal nice and even without the crank in place.. why would you complicate such a simple installation? I understand about seal alignment and do so with the seal tool kit and mic it after???


Broke, I have no idea what you just said!!!!  Neither side slips in from the factory if that’s what you were referring to….

How does your seal instal tool work with the crank installed?  I can pop almost any Honda seal in with my thumb if there’s no shaft in place, straight as an arrow, no worries.  The issue is when the shaft is in place.

Necessity being the mother of all invention,  I had a bad stator side crank seal that I needed to install with the crank in place at the track.  Pull the seat out, pop the stator wires out from the cutout in the case, pull the flywheel, carefully remove the old seal with a flat blade, install the new seal as I’ve described with the home made tool, done!  After seeing how easily it actually works, and how perfect the seal goes in without worrying, I do them all like that every time.

People can do it this way, they can not do it this way, use a BFH and a rusty socket, whatever floats your boat….


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