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Gary Smith

Congratulations on your motor package purchase!

Just a few questions :

What type of racing?  Sprint, Road Racing or Dirt?

Where are you located?  Altitude for jetting

Running an airbox or open filter? again for jetting

I run sprint tracks with 700- 850 feet straights, I find that a 17 tooth countershaft sprocket and a 27 tooth axle sprocket work best for me. I run a K&N style air filter at about 800 feet above sea level, and my jetting is 37.5 on pilot jet and 195 on main jet.

I order a lot of my parts online, I find that  fastech-racing.com, and sharkshifter.com have most of the parts I need. Every once in a while I stop by my local Honda motorcycle shop to gets parts as well.

I hope you enjoy this motor package!


Honda CR80 #55