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Derek Lodato

@ Shaun – This is a great question. I purchased a New Alden CR85 Engine with only break in time on it. I attempted to get a hold of Harry Alden but I heard he isn’t easy to get a hold of these days. My question to him was going to be “How often do I need to change out the Top End and Bottom End?

I have heard many opinions on this. The engine I bought is said to put out 29hp so my guess is I will have to change out top end quite often but the seller said I should be able to get 8-10 hours on it. I have heard as low as 3-4. Still I am not certain. Anyone out there experienced with 80/85cc want to shed some light on this question for me?

Is there a sudden drop in power as a early warning sign or should I just remove the head to look for signs there after 3-4 hours of run time?

It would be MUCH appreciated. Also, any good builders out there you recommend to perform the engine work?

I have been told that I could learn to do the top end myself – is it super difficult?

Thanks again,